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Sound Performance Re-design Complete

Sound Performance's new website ( has launched today. The site features an all new design with custom Flash intro. The photo gallery has been expanded via a new administration system along with additional admin features. Sound Performance specializes in custom car audio and tinting with two locations in Columbia and Jefferson City Missouri.

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New Agency Opens In Columbia

Columbia, MO—Located at the top floor of the historic Tiger building, Clearpage Interactive, a new marketing and communications agency, is open and ready for business.

Clearpage’s initial client list includes two international companies, and keeps growing. “We’re already working with Whirlpool Corporation. It’s very exciting,” said Ryan Nelson, one of the founders.

Clearpage, founded by Brandon Haber, Jeremiah Fish, and Ryan Nelson, touts an impressive array of capabilities ranging from interactive web development, corporate identity, print design, advertising, video production, and custom web applications. “We started this agency to redefine the way companies do their marketing,” Fish said, “Great things happen here.”

At Clearpage, the goal is to make clients as comfortable as possible with the process. Meetings and presentations are held in the conference lounge, which consists of couches and armchairs, not a stuffy boardroom table. “We don’t see the need for the pompous attitude of old-world agencies,” Nelson said.

In addition to ensuring comfortable clients, Clearpage strives to improve the agency process both for the client and for the quality of the work. When clients work with project leaders on their account, they’re talking to an expert--usually the actual person who will be doing the work. “It cuts down on miscommunication, project costs, and decreases turnaround time,” Brandon Haber said.

The other noticeable passion at Clearpage is that for technology. “We tend to work on the bleeding-edge of technology”, Haber said, “But there’s no shame in our passion for challenging what’s possible. If we don’t know it, we learn it.”

At Clearpage, clients often see technology used in new ways during their visits. A wall-mounted LCD display that showcases work, and a TabletPC that replaces the traditional white-board by allowing users to annotate on wirelessly projected images during presentations are signs that Clearpage enjoys challenging tradition. “We don’t use markers,” Nelson said.

According to Ryan Nelson, the agency is planning new ways to use technology to involve clients in the process, as well as new internet applications that will benefit business owners in ways never before possible. “We can’t give away any details yet.”

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