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Missouri-Pacific Lumber

Clearpage was recently contracted to build Missouri-Pacific a new website and related marketing materials.

What we created:

Web Design - HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Graphic Design.

Web Development - Content Management System (CMS) , Database Management, Online Product Catalog, Product Inventory, Motion Graphics, and Animation.

Video Production - Video Editing, Color Correction, Post Production.

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The New Nine

When Nine a Pair wanted to reduce abandoned carts in their online store, they turned to Clearpage.

Technology should be used to make like easier; so we started by only asking the customer for the bare minimum of information. Then we eliminated a few more with creative programing.

We started by streamlining the shipping cost and shipping options. Rather than have this as a separate step (as most site do), we added a line to to the cart, prompt for a zip code, and calculate shipping without leaving the cart.

Nine a Pair Web Design

Since we have already asked the customer for the zip code in the cart we can pre-fill it in the shipping address. We can also use that same zip code to determine the city and state and pre-fill those as well.

Nine a Pair Website Development

Now to make sure packages aren't lost in the mail, we add in some logic code to fix common address errors. For example 1001 Hayden Lane, Columbia MI 65201, is auto corrected to 1001 HAYDEN LN, COLUMBIA MO 65201. Then to go the extra mile we even automatically confirm that address with the United States Post Office server.

Nine a Pair Site by clear page

When prompting for the payment information we eliminated the drop down for: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex. It's irrelevant. We can determine the card type in the code by looking at the card numbers first two digits.

Lastly, we don't ask for the billing address; instead an authorize attempt is made using the shipping address, most of the time the issuing bank only verifies the billing zip code anyway. Should the issuing bank return an address verification error, we simply add an additional step to ask for the billing address.

The result was saving the average customer the hassle of filling out 7 extra fields and shorted the checkout process to 2 steps.

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MPUA Website Goes Live

Clearpage launches the new Missouri Public Utility website.

What we created:

Web Design - HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Graphic Design.

Web Development - Content Management System (CMS), Database Management System, Members Database, Dynamic Map Integration, News Feed, Calendar, Automated PDF Generator, 40+ Pages, Motion Graphics and Animation.

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Online Payments Now Available

Life takes Visa. Clearpage takes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We've added online payments to the client project center.




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